Remain awake – but how?

Fatigue is often a sign of lack of sleep, incorrect nutrition or overstress. What can you do if you need to stay awake for a long time? nao® brain provides you with natural agents which stimulate the brain.

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Brain Stimulation in 2019

The secret formula consists of nootropics which are also known as cognitive enhancers and brain boosters. They stimulate brain receptors which help you to stay awake.

Effect: Powerful memory, faster remembering, increased ability to learn, reduced fatigue, increased mental energy, concentration and clear thinking. They can lead to higher intelligence, remaining awake longer, and to creative thinking. Communication between neurons in brain and body are clearly improved, which increases your overall efficiency and can help you to keep your brain healthier and more awake.

What is good for my mind and body?


If you’re tired, try to learn a musical instrument. If you play an instrument, you benefit: German neurological scientists are researching the effect of music on the brain. The result: Making music stimulates neuroplasticity to reconnect neurons. It is important to consciously hear the music. First, music builds “bridges between emotions and mental stimulation,” according to the researcher Tervaniemi.


Enjoying music promotes your long-term concentration, helps you to remain awake, and floods your body with endorphins.

Brain stimulation with concentration exercises works in a similar way. Take the time to read our tips and check your mental fitness with our test.

Where does nao® brain work?

In the sensory nerve system.

Your body perceives stimuli with your eyes, nose and ears, and reports them to our sensory nervous system. We get in touch with our environment through these sense organs and related nerves.


The sensory nerve system in our body also registers our own states, such as sleeping, fatigue, metabolism and hunger.

The motor nervous system

The body processes body and environmental signals with the motor nervous system. The motor nervous system manages the muscles and helps us to coordinate our movements. If our brain is awake and quick-witted, we spontaneously evade an obstacle, as our eyes recognize dangers. Stimuli to the motor nervous system tell the leg muscles what to do.

Signal transfer

The task of nerve cells is to accept signals and notify other nerve cells. Signals are electrically conveyed through the nerve cells at a top speed of 360 km/hour. The electrical signals are conveyed across a nerve cell to the next one at synapses using messengers. The body’s signal transfers are therefore not based on forwarding electrical signals, but on the effects of biochemical processes.

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The brain thinks, the abdominal brain controls

100% attention, regardless of where and when. Staying awake in today’s lifestyle and everyday activities is a constant challenge. You can defend yourself against fatigue and keep your head into the late hours.

Does cognitive performance come exclusively from the brain’s nervous system? No, as the abdominal brain has a similar nerve system as the brain in our heads. The evolutionary origin of our brain in our head comes from the abdominal brain, which can still be seen nowadays in fresh-water polyps. The abdominal brain cannot think. But it can influence our decisions and emotions through nerve paths which connect the abdomen and brain. This so-called abdominal-brain axis constantly sends information to the brain which influences our behavior. Our nutrition, as well as active plant materials such as caffeine can also “exercise” influence on our brain functions. A healthy intestine is a solid basis for remaining mentally fit and preventing neuro-gastroenterological deficits.
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This restores mental


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