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About nao brain stimulation

nao® brain stimulation is a natural food supplement with traditional Chinese medicinal plants. Its effects are seen through wakefulness, energy, ability to concentrate and inner peace during times of stress. Over the long term, nao® brain stimulation improves brain health, mental performance and the ability to concentrate. Take nao® brain stimulation if you want to get off to a good start.

It is a unique formula made of plant extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements which increases your ability to concentrate and mental fitness.

nao® brain stimulation is a product intended for adults who need a fast increase in performance to achieve maximum concentration.

Whether you are a student, young professional, long-distance trucker, workaholic, father or mother – nao® brain stimulation gives you a needed energy kick, and the ability to provide top performance in stressful times.

Stress, increasing pressure of expectations, constant online focus and faster pace of life are regarded as negative influences on mental performance by 77% of Germans. 81% of Germans see unbalanced nutrition as the reason why it’s often not easy to process, understand and concentrate on new things.

We can support the brain with a plant formula which protects brain cells in a natural way, and can improve mental performance.

Healthy and balanced nutrition are essential.

That is why we must drink at least 1.5 liters per day, eat five portions of fruit and vegetables, and be active outdoors at least 30-60 minutes per day.

But who has time for a balanced breakfast, lunch with salad and vegetables, and can cook in the evening and do sports every day. In addition, we subject our bodies to increasing stress and negative environmental influences. The main factors are UV radiation, polluted air, highly-processed foods, smoking and alcohol. All influence our brains. We can support the brain with nao® brain stimulation, which protects brain cells in a natural way, and can improve mental performance.

Healthy adults who need an energy kick which lasts for eight hours, and who can remain alert and perform for a long time. In addition,  nao® brain stimulation promotes adults’ brain health and performance.

nao® brain stimulation can be used by those over 18.

nao® brain stimulation is a sugar-coated pill which should be swallowed with sufficient liquid. Its natural coating provides a nice taste, and the pill is easy to swallow.

Ideally, you should take one  nao® brain stimulation pill in the morning with lots of water, at best 60 minutes before needing top performance. Due to the enduring effect, the product should be taken at most eight hours before going to sleep. If you need to work nights,  nao® brain stimulation can, of course, be taken in the evening. The adaptogenic, stress-reducing effect of Brahmi starts with daily use after 8-12 weeks. You should not drink coffee at the same time.

The recommended dose should not be exceeded due to its caffeine contents. Also, you should not consume any products which contain caffeine. Depending upon your coffee sensitivity, we do not recommend taking the product in the afternoon in order not to affect you at night, as nao® brain stimulation keeps you awake for a long time. We have combined in one  nao® brain stimulation pill the exactly correct amount of vitamins and minerals.

Our products are subject to strict regulations under German and European food law. It is additionally monitored by responsible authorities.

At latest 60 minutes after taking it, you will feel more awake and that your ability to concentrate is improved.

Macha extract(including polyphenols)292 mg(277mg)
Plant caffeine from green tea and coffee145 mg
Brahmi extract(including bacoside)100 mg(50 mg)
Iron14 mg
Pantothenic acid/Vitamin B56 mg
Vitamin B61,4 mg
Vitamin B11,1 mg
Vitamin B122,5 µg

All statements that we make about vitamins and minerals comply with the health claim regulation which protects health. In principle, advertising with health- and nutritional-related information is only allowed if the information has been scientifically recognized using procedures allowed by the European Union in its health claims regulation. European authorities for Food Safety (EFSA) are responsible for scientific recognition.

In addition, we have clinical studies and reports about vitamins and plant extracts and their effects on mental performance capability which will be explained below.

Source: EU REGULATION No. 432/2012 OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION of May 16, 2012 to define a list of allowed other health-related information for foodstuffs as information about reducing a risk of disease, as well as the development and health of children.

Pantothenic acid/Vitamin B5
… Contributes to normal mental performance
… Contributes to reducing fatigue and tiredness

Vitamin B12:
… Leads to normal mental function
… leads to reducing fatigue and tiredness

Vitamin B6:
… Leads to normal mental function
… leads to reducing fatigue and tiredness

Thiamine/Vitamin B1
… contributes to normal mental function

… Contributes to normal cognitive function
… Contributes to reducing fatigue and tiredness

The following link provides general information about sensible vitamin and mineral substitution:

High-quality Chinese shadow tea is traditionally used to give energy in China


Source: EFSA Claim 2812 – Green tea extract. (Mental state and performance – improves concentration and learning).

Source: EFSA Claim 2664 – green tea extract. (Natural antioxidant – powerful antioxidants beneficial to human health, due to antioxidant activity helps to protect against early aging).

Source: EFSA Claim 1117 – Catechins – Green tea. (Cognitive function – Contributes to the memory function – Contributes against memory problems associated with ageing. – Helps to protect brain cells form oxidative damage).

Source: EFSA Claim 1311 – Epigallo-catechin-3-gallate (EGCG) / Green tea extract. (Protection of body tissues and cells from oxidative damage – helps to reinforce the antioxidant defences of the body/helps to protect our body by reinforcing the body’s natural defence against the harmful effects of free radicals/decreases the cellular aging due to oxidative damage).

Source: EFSA Claim 2004 – Camellia sinensis. (Mental and cognitive health – Promotes concentration /theanine from thea contributes to soothing effect).

Source: EFSA Claim 2005 – Camellia sinensis. (Cognitive Performance: Focussed attention – Tea helps you focus/ concentrate/ be less distracted/ helps you to be sharp/ helps you to be alert – Tea contains theanine/ Theanine stimulates alpha brainwaves which are associated with a relaxed but alert mental state; – Theanine helps relax your mind/helps you to be relaxed; promotes a restful, relaxed state; calms and clears the mind).


Additional links:

  • Titel:   Green tea extract boosts your brain power, especially the working memory, new research shows
  • Author: University of Basel: André Schmidt, Felix Hammann, Bettina Wölnerhanssen, Anne Christin Meyer-Gerspach, Jürgen Drewe, Christoph Beglinger, Stefan Borgwardt
  • 07.04.2014


This treasured Ayurvedic medicinal plant promotes concentration, mental clarity and memory.

Additional links:

  • Titel: Does Bacopa monnieri Improve Memory Performance in Older Persons? Results of a Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Trial
  • Author: Annette Morgan and John Stevens
  • 01.07.2010

Additional links:


Yes – nao® brain stimulation is vegetarian and vegan, is completely gluten-free, and contains no lactose.

A super food is defined as “nutrition-rich food which especially promotes health and well-being.”

Source: – Oxford University Press


Yes, nao® brain stimulation can be safely taken over the long term.

nao® brain stimulation is a pill which must be swallowed with sufficient liquid. The coating has a nice taste of mint. You should not dissolve the pill, as the plant extracts are solidly pressed and taste a little bitter.

Our nutritional supplement is manufactured by R-Pharm Germany GmbH in Illertissen, Germany. The company’s roots in southern Germany extend back to 1849. For many, the location is associated with Heinrich Mack GmbH and “Forapin” bee ointment. Today, medicines and nutritional substances are manufactured there with ultramodern technologies, innovation and a quality-oriented culture. Nutritional supplements are manufactured in compliance with GMP provisions, and are subject to the same care and quality standards as for medicines. In addition to state-of-the-art German equipment and high quality, responsibility to employees and the environment are top priorities. For example, they use renewable energy, including its own water power and PV systems.

Certified German suppliers deliver local and exotic plant extracts to us. We pay attention to how plants are grown and processed in their home countries. We process the following for nao® brain stimulation:

– Ayurvedic Brahmi extract from China

– traditional Chinese Macha extract from China

– green coffee bean extract from India

The color coating was developed by a German company which operates a development and production site for tablet coatings made of plant extracts. The mint extracts also come from a German company which produces in Germany.

The color coating was developed by a German company which operates a development and production site for tablet coatings made of plant extracts. The blackberry extracts also come from a German company which produces in Germany.

nao® brain stimulation is intended for use by healthy adults. As Paracelsus said, “the dosage can be poisonous.” This means that there are no known side effects when the correct dosage is taken. According to the Federal Risk Assessment Institute (BfR), healthy adults can safely take up to 400 mg caffeine over a day. The following applies to pregnant and nursing mothers: No more than half (200 mg caffeine) per day. From 170 mg per kg of body weight, caffeine can be fatal according to the American Food Monitoring and Medical Approval Authorities. nao® brain stimulation should therefore be taken as recommended. At present, there are no available clinical studies on toxicity limits in connection with medicines. Side effects and accompanying symptoms can appear if you take too much nao® brain stimulation, or take caffeine-containing products at the same time. This occurs to a greater degree if your body is not used to caffeine. Such side effects can be headaches, confusion or disquiet. In addition, the heart rate increases and can become irregular in extreme cases. So-called palpitations and fast breathing are also not uncommon in such cases. Increased urination can cause dehydration, which often triggers headaches. Consult your doctor if you have severe symptoms. In other cases, drinking a lot of water can relieve some symptoms, and be a good aid to excreting excess caffeine.

There are no clinical studies at present with nao® brain stimulation. Because of the ingredients, you should observe the following note: nao® brain stimulation is not suitable for adults who cannot consume caffeine due to an illness. The consumption of caffeine-containing products such as nao® brain stimulation can have interactions with various medications. If medicines such as sympathomimetics are taken, heart rate can climb, and reinforce the effects of caffeine. Caffeine counteracts calming medicines. Furthermore, caffeine increases the efficacy of pain relievers containing acetylsalicylic acid or Paracetamol. Possible interactions with medicines taken for on-going therapy should be discussed with your doctor.

nao® brain stimulation contains no allergens which must be reported as per the (EU) Regulation no. 1169/2011.

nao® brain stimulation is a nutritional supplement which provides top mental performance for up to eight hours in healthy adults. nao® brain stimulation is not intended for children and pregnant women due to its ingredients.

nao® brain stimulation should be stored in a cool and dry place, or stored at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.

We know the market for nutrition and functional food, and know that there are no products available on the market which provide clear benefits over our products. Health care shelves are stuffed with the same pharmaceutical standard formulas and compounds. Also, the usual coffee- and caffeine-containing products only provide a short-term effect.

The approach was to develop a holistic brain stimulation product to be taken orally. It should be innovative, valuable, effective and contain Chinese medical ingredients. It was particularly important to us to develop an energy kick which fits our everyday marathons, and provides long-term energy, as well as supporting our brain’s long-term health. We were driven to offer high-value natural ingredients which are scientifically state-of-the-art in compounding and dosage. In addition, we are convinced that cool, trendy to-go packaging with tasty tablets offers our customers a brain stimulation product which one likes to take. Mental fitness is also affected by the products one takes.

No, nao® brain stimulation’s compound is unique. nao®  brain stimulation is made of natural plant extracts with combining vitamins and minerals which are highly effective in their given dosage. Is there a comparable product on the market which offers this combination of products?

The wallet packaging is a modern “to go” packaging in the form of a folding card which brings together customer information and product packaging, so that no package insert and repackaging is needed. You can have your  nao® brain stimulation with you at all times. The packaging is environmentally friendly, and Green Point compliant.

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