Can the ingredients have toxic side effects, and what can I do?

nao® brain stimulation is intended for use by healthy adults. As Paracelsus said, “the dosage can be poisonous.” This means that there are no known side effects when the correct dosage is taken. According to the Federal Risk Assessment Institute (BfR), healthy adults can safely take up to 400 mg caffeine over a day. The following applies to pregnant and nursing mothers: No more than half (200 mg caffeine) per day. From 170 mg per kg of body weight, caffeine can be fatal according to the American Food Monitoring and Medical Approval Authorities. nao® brain stimulation should therefore be taken as recommended. At present, there are no available clinical studies on toxicity limits in connection with medicines. Side effects and accompanying symptoms can appear if you take too much nao® brain stimulation, or take caffeine-containing products at the same time. This occurs to a greater degree if your body is not used to caffeine. Such side effects can be headaches, confusion or disquiet. In addition, the heart rate increases and can become irregular in extreme cases. So-called palpitations and fast breathing are also not uncommon in such cases. Increased urination can cause dehydration, which often triggers headaches. Consult your doctor if you have severe symptoms. In other cases, drinking a lot of water can relieve some symptoms, and be a good aid to excreting excess caffeine.

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