Where did the idea for nao® brain stimulation come from?

We know the market for nutrition and functional food, and know that there are no products available on the market which provide clear benefits over our products. Health care shelves are stuffed with the same pharmaceutical standard formulas and compounds. Also, the usual coffee- and caffeine-containing products only provide a short-term effect.

The approach was to develop a holistic brain stimulation product to be taken orally. It should be innovative, valuable, effective and contain Chinese medical ingredients. It was particularly important to us to develop an energy kick which fits our everyday marathons, and provides long-term energy, as well as supporting our brain’s long-term health. We were driven to offer high-value natural ingredients which are scientifically state-of-the-art in compounding and dosage. In addition, we are convinced that cool, trendy to-go packaging with tasty tablets offers our customers a brain stimulation product which one likes to take. Mental fitness is also affected by the products one takes.

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